Each year, AMG proudly offers a $1,500.00 scholarship to a college student seeking a career in an engineering field. Our hope through this program is to support tomorrow’s talented engineers – giving them support to continue their education, develop their passion and fine-tune their skills.

The program gives us the opportunity to meet some extraordinary young men and women, and we are constantly impressed by the submissions we receive. This year’s winner is a testament to the character of these students, standing out among a sea of over 100 applicants.

Introducing the 2014 AMG Scholarship Recipient: Ryan Whelchel.

Ryan WhelchelRyan is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering at Kansas State University and is set to graduate in May of 2015. Following graduation, he is planning to enter a graduate program where he will pursue a graduate degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering.

Always ambitious, Ryan plans on pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering in the course of his professional career. He desires to be a part of an engineering team that builds economical and environmentally friendly buildings that perform according to their design.

A Kansas native, Ryan has seen first hand the way that Mother Nature can threaten to damage a structure. He’s seen grain silos thrown miles from their foundations, tree grooves ripped from the ground and entire towns flattened by tornado winds. His self-described career goal is to search for economical designs that will keep people safe from weather systems such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

More About the AMG Scholarship Program

Structural engineering is a vast, complex field working to design and build structures and systems using steel, concrete, timber and masonry materials. As our world continues to grow more and more complex, engineers will continue to lead the way by developing new buildings and infrastructure that ushers in new eras of growth and expansion.

The AMG Scholarship Fund is our way of investing in the future of our field. We are proud to invest in tomorrow’s problem-solving engineers – and wish all our applicants the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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