Designing production facilities is not simply a question of drafting a CAD design. In fact, the digital assembly of these facilities is complex because a properly planned facility contains key facility intelligence within the design. A critical component of facility intelligence is the development of the process and instrumentation diagrams, or P&ID's.

AMG develops intelligent P&ID’s to help our clients build a one-time data entry repository of key process information. Building intelligent P&ID’s requires a strong technical team. To that end, AMG welcomes back Derek Almeida as part of our production IT team.

Derek’s unique background in information systems coupled with his design experience makes him uniquely qualified to understand how the P&ID data communicates with all aspects of the facility design. Every client has unique processes, so supporting this critical function is part of most of our projects.

In addition to supporting AMG’s intelligent P&ID capabilities, Derek is also a talented designer with experience in AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

AMG is always finding ways to grow and develop our design staff, and we are excited to add Derek to our talented design team. Learn more about joining the AMG team.

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