Improve Your Dry Frac Operation’s Bottom Line With Germ Wet Milling

Capture High-Purity, Food-Grade Corn Germ Before Fermentation

  • Corn Cost$7.28/bushel
  • Germ Benefit$0.73/bushel
  • Net Corn Cost$6.55/bushel

Germ Wet Milling Process Benefits

  • Lower capital cost system

  • Produces multiple high value added co-products

  • The process enables “food and fuel” production

  • Germ Wet Milling minimizes starch yield loss compared to dry fractionation alone, resulting in higher quality germ, clean fiber and greater ethanol yield

  • The Germ Wet Mill generates greater revenues and greater net profit

Compared to dry fractionation:

  • The dry fractionation system ahead of Germ Wet Milling can be simplified to reduce cost and maintenance
  • High-value, food-grade market for germ and fiber
  • Lower starch loss (less than 2% of total starch)
  • Recovers sugars from germ
  • Returns soluble nutrients back to fermentation, requiring less starter nutrients.

Compared to “modified” wet fractionation:

  • Shorter soak times
  • Lower energy use
  • “High PDI” germ
  • Lower Capital Requirement
  • Smaller footprint due to less material handled

Germ Wet Milling Co-products:

Germ Wet Milling Produces Consistent High Quality Co-products

Our Products For The Food Industry Are Marketed Under The Brand Prairie Sky® Ingredients.

NeutraGerm® is produced using no SO2. The low temperature drying system, delivers a high quality, low moisture (3%), food grade product. Low residual starch levels maximize product oil content.

Solaris® Brand Of Ingredients Are Sold Exclusively To The Feed Industry.

ProBran® - a highly digestible source of fiber, ProBran is a very palatable, high fiber option. Low dust, ProBran is very flowable.

Energia® - with a higher protein level than DDGS, Energia is a pelleted, low-fat ingredient that is extremely digestible and can be used in higher concentrations for both ruminants and monogastrics. Energia is also low in phosphorus, low in potassium, and low in moisture. Energia is a very palatable and highly digestible source of critical nutrients.

Compare the Value of NeutraGerm to Dry Frac Germ


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Download the Corn Germ Wet-Milling Process PDF