We are pleased to announce our involvement in the production of a new, patent-pending corn fractionation technology known as NextGen Frac™. In partnership with GTL Resources and as a subsidiary of Quality Technology International, Inc. (QTI), we are creating a new corn fractionation process.

“We believe that the NextGen Frac™ process will be a game-changer in the corn bio-refining space by substantially improving co-product values, reducing ethanol production costs, and opening up the potential in corn bio-refining to produce next generation biochemical and biofuels from differentiated corn fractions,” stated Richard Ruebe, Group CEO of GTL and IRE.

NextGen Frac™ offers several advantages as a retrofit to traditional dry grind bio-refineries including higher nutrient values, more efficient fermentation of corn starch, and the creation of new products (NeutraGerm® and ProBran®) to name a few.

Work is underway at a pilot facility in Rochelle, IL. The NextGen Frac™ demonstration plant is expected to be operational in 2014. For more information on this project, you can read the entire article on the Digital Journal here.

Topics: Corn Milling