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Job Openings at AMG

Posted on: November 19, 2013, Categories: Job Openings

AMG is a lean full-service engineering company, focusing on industrial and production facilities spanning a variety of industries. The company began in Alberto Mendez’s garage in 1980, and has grown to five offices across the country. Our headquarters are located in Dayton, Ohio. Trust and loyalty are the calling cards of our company, with many employees having been with us for over a decade. We effectively leverage experience in our problem solving approach, creating a great work environment where projects are delivered within budget, on time, and with perfect sized teams.

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Corn Milling: Wet vs. Dry

Posted on: November 13, 2013, Categories: All Posts, Corn Milling

Approximately 20% of the annual corn harvest is currently used by industrial corn processors to produce a variety of products such as sweeteners, starches, oils, ethanol and animal feeds. The great majority of the remainder is fed to livestock, poultry & fish. This versatile grain is comprised of four components that make manufacturing of a variety of products possible. Corn’s components are Starch (61%), Corn oil (4 %), Protein (8%) and Fiber (11%) – approximately 16% of the corn kernel’s weight is moisture.

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As a team of experienced and professional engineers, AMG, Inc. has a deep understanding of industrial and commercial engineering projects, whether it's design/build, process innovation, facility engineering, or any other engineering need. Contact AMG today with any questions or project inquiries.