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7 Questions to Ask to Reality Check a Facility Project Schedule

Posted on: September 23, 2016, Categories: Project Schedule, Facility Construction

When it comes to the construction or expansion of a facility, the project schedule is a dynamic and complex deliverable—with lots on the line. 

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Process Equipment Procurement - The Hidden Schedule Killer

Posted on: June 14, 2016, Categories: Procurement, Project Schedule

Building a construction schedule seems like a simple thing to do, right? 

Dig a hole, pour some concrete, erect some steel, install some equipment, pipe it up, wire it up, start it up…and presto – you’ve got a construction schedule.  

Not so fast.

While the above outline seems right, procuring the right equipment for the build is a hidden schedule killer—one that’s often not thoughtfully presented or considered during the initial project schedule.

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